Does Having a Big Family Mean That You May Need a GVM Upgrade?

Posted on: 26 July 2023


If you're a big family, or you love to travel with your bikes, pets and a whole lot more, you might be wondering if your vehicle's standard GVM (gross vehicle mass) is enough for your needs. A GVM upgrade can make a huge difference in the weight your vehicle can legally carry and provide you with further safety on the road. So, does having a big family mean that you may need a GVM upgrade? 

What Do the Rules Say?

To figure out if you need a GVM upgrade, it's recommended that you consult with a qualified GVM upgrade specialist to determine your vehicle's current GVM. There are two important weight ratings you'll need to know: the GVM and the payload capacity. The GVM includes the weight of the vehicle, plus its carrying capacity, while the payload capacity is the vehicle's weight minus its unloaded weight. If your vehicle's payload is always full, or maybe even overloaded, a GVM upgrade is essential for safety reasons.

What Could Cause You to Go Over the Limit?

If you have a large family, chances are you'll need to carry a considerable amount of luggage, bikes, strollers, or camping gear. It's important to note that all of these items contribute to your vehicle's overall weight. So, if you regularly carry people or objects in your vehicle, a GVM upgrade may be the best option to help increase safety performance on the road. However, before you upgrade, it is important to consider the towing weights or weight restrictions, the carrier weight ratings and any state-specific regulations.

What Are the Advantages of a GVM Upgrade Kit?

One of the significant benefits of getting a GVM upgrade is improved stability on the road. You'll have better driving dynamics, better towing performance and better braking. It also means that you can carry more weight without affecting your driving experience. You'll be able to tow heavier trailers and carry more gear, pets and people, making your travels much more relaxed and enjoyable.

How Do You Upgrade?

One of the best ways to upgrade a vehicle's GVM is to fit a load share upgrade kit, which involves adding additional suspension components to restore the vehicle's overall carrying capacity. These kits are available from auto accessory suppliers and should be fitted by a skilled technician.

What You Need to Take Away

In conclusion, having a big family or carrying a lot of items means you'll need to carry more weight in your vehicle.  A GVM upgrade can improve your vehicle's capacity and stability, and it can ensure safer travelling for your family. However, it's essential to consult with a qualified GVM upgrade specialist to determine your vehicle's current GVM, payload capacity and recommended upgrades before making any changes.

For more information on GVM upgrade kits like a Ford Everest GVM upgrade kit, contact a company near you.