4 Tips for Buying and Installing Moulded Car Carpets

Posted on: 15 March 2021


Car carpets are often unnoticeable parts of the interior, but they help keep the floor tidy. Over time, the original car carpet wears out, fades, gets dirty or shrinks due to everyday usage. Therefore, replacing your worn-out carpet with a moulded one can help freshen up your car's interior. Here are some tips for buying and installing moulded car carpets.


Quality car carpets are not hard to come by. You need to buy from reputable and experienced vendors. One aspect to consider is the jute backing, which should be attached to a moulded car carpet. The jute insulates a vehicle while acting as a sound deadener for the excessive road noise penetrating a car's floor. Furthermore, the jute ensures a perfect fit on the floor. Another quality consideration is checking a carpet for signs of defects and correct sizing. Some aftermarket moulded carpets are mass-produced; thus, they might have minor faults, which could have passed a quality control team unnoticed. Also, ensure that a carpet material is sturdy and durable enough to last for years without needing replacement.

Vehicle Specific 

Moulded carpets are custom-made according to a vehicle's year of manufacture, make, model and category. Therefore, if you buy from an online or physical store, you need to specify your car's make, model and manufacture year. Remember that different makes and models have dissimilar floor plans. Also, the manufacture year is vital because car makers often change floor plans after a couple of years. Providing accurate details of your vehicle ensures that the moulded carpet you buy fits perfectly.


Although moulded carpets are custom-made according to a client's colour preference, you should stick to subtle shades that don't become dirty pretty quickly. Darker colours, such as black and grey, always work well with most cars. Some vehicle owners might opt to buy moulded car carpets that match the rest of the interior, including car seats and the dashboard. In this regard, make sure that the colour codes match.

Remove Imperfections Before Installation 

Since most moulded car carpets are rolled, folded and shipped in small boxes, they might become creased, deformed or wrinkled during shipping. It is recommended that you lay a carpet on a flat surface to allow it to relax and assume its original shape before installation. However, you can speed things using an upholstery steamer to heat the creases and folds until they are unnoticeable.

Contact a local auto accessories shop to learn more about moulded car carpets.