Top Tips for Buying a Car Lift Kit

Posted on: 22 October 2020


4WD enthusiasts are often concerned about their vehicle's ground clearance. It is especially so if they intend to cover rough terrain covered in rocks and sand. A car lift kit is an instant solution to people that experience this problem. The equipment increases the ground clearance of your vehicle, thus allowing you to enjoy driving in rough terrain. Below is a guide on how to purchase a car lift kit.

Check local laws to know whether there are restrictions on how much you can lift your vehicle. For instance, state laws could prohibit you from lifting the car past a specific height. However, people that need to exceed the legal limits could require a permit. In some cases, you cannot drive the vehicle on the highways. You will also need to consult your insurer and vehicle dealership to know whether the lift kit will void your 4WD's insurance cover and warranty. 

Your next task is to decide what kind of lift kit is ideal for your vehicle. Body lift kits raise the car without increasing the ground clearance. As such, they should be used by people that need to install larger tires in their vehicles. A levelling kit is used by people whose vehicles have varying front and rear suspensions. Some of these kits will also allow you to use bigger tires. The suspension lift kit will raise your suspension and chassis. They are perfect for people who need to lift the vehicle to extreme heights. Torsion keys can be used to improve the ground clearance of vehicles with a torsion bar suspension. Check the size of the lift kit. For instance, while a body lift kit will raise the car by around 3 inches, a suspension lift kit can increase its ground clearance by up to 6 inches.

Consult your mechanic to know the type of modification works required when installing the lift kit. For instance, when installing the suspension lift kit, you may need gap guards, spacers, heavy-duty springs, steering dampers and sway bars. Besides, the vehicle will require wheel alignment and balancing. You will find many DIY installation tips on the internet. However, lift kit installation is a complicated task that should be left to experienced mechanics.   

Conduct some internet research to identify durable and affordable lift kits on the market. Purchasing low-quality lift kits will affect your car's handling and expose you to accidents. Other than the price, inquire whether the lift kit will affect ride quality.

When buying a Hilux lift kit or similar models, check local laws, choose an appropriate system, inquire about the extent of the modification works and purchase durable equipment from a reputable manufacturer.