Two Tips for Those Who Want to Use Their Tray Top Truck for Their Long-Distance House Move

Posted on: 14 May 2019


If you want to use your tray top truck to take your belongings to your new home, which is several hours' drive away, here are some tips that you might want to keep in mind.

Consider replacing your Ute tray if it is not made from an alloy

If your truck's Ute tray is not made from an alloy, then you should consider replacing this accessory with one which is before you use the vehicle to transport your possessions. The reason for this is that the collective weight of all of your belongings (including heavy items like furniture, gym equipment and so on) that you will load onto this tray will be very high. The tray will then have to bear this hefty weight for several hours (or even a few days, if you are moving very far away).

If the tray in question is made from a weak, pure metal rather than a durable alloy, there is a very good chance that it won't survive this journey (as alloys are, as a general rule, stronger than pure metals). This could lead to two serious problems: first, the tray may crack as a result of being unable to withstand the weight of your hefty belongings and need to be replaced midway through the journey. This could delay your arrival at the new property and make the process of moving, which is already a very stressful experience, even more tiring and emotionally taxing.

Secondly, if the tray cracks whilst you are speeding down a busy road, this could cause some of the belongings on the tray to be flung onto the ground. This would almost certainly result in these belongings breaking and could even cause a road accident, if other motorists end up swerving off the road in order to avoid running over your items.

For more information about alloy Ute trays, reach out to a business that supplies them.

Invest in a waterproof tonneau cover

You should also invest in a waterproof tonneau cover before you set off on your journey. This is because even if the weather forecast suggests that it is likely to stay warm and dry throughout the coming hours or days, there is still a risk that the belongings you have piled onto the back of your truck could end up damaged if they are left exposed to the elements during the trip.

For example, if an unexpected heavy downpour occurs whilst you're driving and it takes you a couple of minutes to find shelter for your vehicle, the goods that are packed into cardboard boxes or the uncovered pieces of furniture could end up completely drenched. This may result in mould forming on these items.

However, if you purchase and then place a waterproof tonneau cover over the items on your Ute tray, this accessory should shield your belongings from any rainfall that occurs whilst you're on the road.