Planning A Few Holiday Road Trips This Summer? Here Is What You Need To Get To Be Prepared

Posted on: 1 November 2018


Taking a few road trips is a well-worn tradition in Australia, from families taking a trip to Queensland for a weekend to the grey nomads who traverse Australia's large deserts. Over time, as technology in cars has increased, these trips have gotten far more comfortable and much safer. These changes in safety continue all the way to present day, where a road trip is no longer an arduous experience but one that is routinely seen as part of the fun of the holiday. Whether you are planning a road trip for a large family or a single traveler, here are some essential items you should have ready.

Towing Equipment

Trailers are exceptionally important for those long-haul road trips with an extended stay at the end or for a camping trip. Many Australians own a trailer they can tow but often leave it at that, without investigating towing equipment and accessories that can be added on to your trailer. From tarps and covers that keep your valuable equipment out of the hot sun and devastating rain to the blind-spot mirrors you add to your vehicle so that you can easily check on your trailer, there are many options available. Towing something can be dangerous if you don't have enough straps, and they are always making stronger and longer lasting ones, so if you feel like you were cutting it close last trip, make sure to get some additional ones now. 

First Aid Kit And Supplies

Most cars do have an emergency first aid kit somewhere in the boot, but have you ever really stopped and considered what was in it? If you have an accident and you only have a few bandages or very little pain medication, then you could really suffer in the time it takes for the ambulance to reach those long highways. Also, if you break down on one of those long stretches of highway, there is a very good chance you will have no phone reception. That means you will probably be waiting for someone to come along before you are rescued, which could be hours. Being out in the sun for hours can be really dangerous, especially if you have young children, so make sure you always have plenty of water and sunscreen packed into your car as well.

Sun Shades

If you are planning on travelling with passengers, or even just by yourself, you should consider getting sun shades for your side windows. The sun in Australian summers is no joke, and you run a very good chance of getting sunburned if you do not have anything prepared. Sun shades are quite cheap and drastically reduce your chance of getting sun burned, while also helping to keep the temperature in the car down. They are very simple to install and take off, so if you or anyone in your family is especially sensitive to the sun, then this is a must-buy.