6 Common Types of Car Trailers and Their Uses

Posted on: 27 June 2018


Whether you're looking to buy a car trailer or just curious about trailer lingo or design, it isn't hard to become shocked at the vast variety of trailers built and used in everyday life. So, what are some of these common car trailers, and what are they used for?

Standard Trailers

Beginning with the most common form of trailer, standard trailers come in many shapes and sizes and generally don't have specialised uses - you can see people driving them around all Australian cities, whether moving furniture or going to work carrying a cement mixer. But what are some names for the subcategories of the standard trailer? There are single axle trailers, which only have one axle in the middle of the trailer, double axle trailers, with one axle at the front and one at the back, and flat top trailers, which are just a flat trailer with no upright sides, only the horizontal bed.

Cage Trailers

Similar to your standard, everyday trailer, cage trailers are simply any trailer with a cage attached on top of it and are generally used to transport small to medium sized animals, delicate goods or goods which could otherwise be blown away. These cages can be built onto the trailer or be removable.

Box Trailers

Varying from having small containment walls rising from the bed of the trailer to a large enclosed box of a trailer, box trailers have many uses, but the common capability of this variety of uses is containment. For example, a low-walled box trailer could be used to hold furniture more securely than a flat top trailer or to hold a large amount of cement or sand, while a roofed box trailer could hold expensive tools or transport delicate furniture, protecting such goods from damaging elements like high wind speeds or rain.

Boat Trailers

Coming in one of two common designs, boat trailers are generally either float-on trailers, made to be completely submerged for motorboats, and roller trailers, which have multiple rollers on points which a boat would otherwise touch the trailer's frame. Roller trailers are typically used for either motor boats or larger yachts.

Horse Trailer

Unlike cage trailers, horse trailers or horse floats are designed to carry larger animals, such as horses or cows, with some car-driven horse trailers even large enough to carry multiple large animals.

Travel Trailers

Coming in an extremely large variety, travel trailers, or caravans, can be single, double or even triple axled – all while still being towed by one car. As you can image, a six-wheeled travel trailer is quite large.