3 Ways Hands-free Controls Can Help You Eliminate Distractions While Driving

Posted on: 19 May 2015


Did you know that distracted driving is responsible for 30% of fatal crashes and 45% of serious injury crashes in South Australia each year? Every time that you text and drive, you are distracted for a minimum of 5 seconds, and you are 23 times more likely to end up in a car accident. As your cellphone can be a huge temptation, install hands-free controls to keep your eyes on the road. Some of these hands-free controls rely on optimal placement of certain buttons. Others rely on voice activation systems. Here is what some of these hands-free controls can do.

Switch and Change Music and Radio Stations with a Push of a Button

Do you enjoy listening to music when you're driving? Instead of having to mess around with the controls on the dashboard, install hands-free controls that will allow you to switch radio stations or skip music with a simple push of a button located on your steering wheel, so you can keep your eyes on the road. The controls allow you to adjust the volume, replay a song and even skip tracks when you're bored.

Call Others and Answer the Phone Through Your Car's Bluetooth System

The hands-free controls are normally integrated into the electronic system of the car, so that the caller IDs of incoming calls are displayed on the dashboard. You can choose to answer the call, reject the call or even get the car's Bluetooth system to send a text message to the caller that you are driving.

Do you need to call someone quickly? The hands-free controls are voice activated and you can literally command your car to call family and friends without lifting your hands off of the steering wheel.

Get Text Messages and Important Emails Read to You

Did someone text an important message to you that needs to be accessed right away? Instead of having to find a place to pull over or taking your eyes off the road and risk getting into an accident, some hands-free car systems have software programs that will read you the text messages and important emails, so that you are always up-to-date on what's happening.

Using the voice activation software, you can even answer text messages and emails if necessary.

It's time to put the phone down and pay attention to the road. By installing hands-free car controls, you eliminate a lot of the distractions, and can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheels at all times. Learn more about your options by consulting resources like Gold Coast Car Audio.