6 Reasons to Buy Custom Seat Covers

Posted on: 7 May 2015


Homeowners often love to decorate their homes by experimenting with colour, buying a new couch or changing the rugs on the floor. So why do many of them keep their cars the way they came from the manufacturer, right down to the bland upholstery? There are thousands of custom made seat covers on the market, able to be tailored to fit your car, truck or ute. Here are 6 good reasons to go shopping for some right now.

1) Express your personality

If you like your outfits and possessions to tell people something about who you are, find a car seat cover to reflect your personal taste. There are many textures, colours and styles that can appeal to your interests or personality.

2) Increase the car's resale value

Use car seat covers to protect the seats from daily wear and tear. This is especially valuable if you have small children who consume snacks in the car. Your vehicle will be worth more when it is time to sell it and upgrade to a newer model.

3) Hygiene and allergy issues

Car seat covers are washable, so if you suffer from dust mite allergies, or just like to keep things clean, they are the answer for you. Choose a style that washes well and dries easily. You can also buy double so you can alternate them to keep things fresh.

4) Dog on board

If you have pet dogs who travel in the car with you, make sure they are safe and comfortable. Shiny fabric or leather seats can make it slippery and hard for claws to get a grip on sharp corners. Buy a seat cover in fabric with a deep nap or in faux fur so your furry friends are happy.

Custom made seat covers will also make it easier on you when it's time to vacuum up excessive shedding; you just have to clean the seat covers rather than the seats themselves.

5) Climate control

Leather seats can be very stylish and premium vehicles often have these as standard. Unfortunately, they are not compatible with the Australian climate, however good the A/C is. During summer, slip on some lightweight fabric seat covers to stop that sweaty sliding around.

6) Bad taste

If you have bought a car that ticked most of the boxes—budget, condition, model—yet has a mediocre upholstery, do not fear. Just cover the repulsive original fabric with covers that are easier on the eye. You might want to leave them on when it is your turn to sell the car.