The Different Types Of Trailer Parts You Can Buy For Additional Functionality

Posted on: 20 April 2015


Are you interested in getting more out of your trailer unit but are not sure what kind of parts you can buy to do so? Then take the time to learn more about what is out there, and you can increase the amount of functionality that you'll get out of your trailer unit. With that thought in mind here are some of the more useful trailer unit accessories you can buy:

  • Tie down straps: in order to secure a trailer unit so that it does not move whilst disconnected from the car, you need to invest in some tie down straps. Most people use blocks of wood, or something similar; however, if the trailer is on a slope then they might not hold the trailer steady. Tie down straps can hold a trailer unit steady under relatively high forces.
  • Loading ramps: if you want to load a go-kart, or other item with wheels, then a loading ramp can make a loading job go easier. When buying a loading ramp, keep in mind the weight of the item that you will need to load. Metal ramps should be used for very heavy items, and wooden ones when the weight is not an issue.
  • Spare tire carriers: you might think that you can throw in a spare tire anywhere and it won't be a problem. However, during transportation, if the tire is not secure then the tire can receive some damage as it bumps into the walls of the compartment in which it is held. Therefore, you should invest in some spare tire carriers that can fix down the tire in a way where no movement of the tire is possible.
  • Cargo baskets: these will allow you to store stuff in your trailer in compartments so that they are not exposed to the elements of the weather and are stored in a tidy manner. For example, if you are transporting fishing gear, then you can use one compartment for bait, the other for the fish that you will catch and another for the fishing rods.
  • Cargo nets: if you want to tie something down that you are transporting in a quick manner, then you can use a cargo net to do so. This is simply an accessory where a net is placed on top of the cargo, and at each corner of the trailer unit the net will have attachments so that it can be quickly tied down.

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